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It seems that setting up and running a competitive eCommerce platform requires more than just an eCommerce system to manage inventory, customers, and offers (and, of course, the shopping cart for the order itself). From image management and e-mail to real-time chat, "affinity" displays for cross-sells and upsells, site search, and Search Engine Optimization tools, etc., the eCommerce world offers an ever-expanding cluster of modules, add-ons, and enabling technologies that extend a platform's basic functionality. What does this say about the evolution of eCommerce systems, the cost to maintain them, and the selection of a basic eCommerce platform to begin with? Does it really "take a village" to get this done right?

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Demandware has taken the bull by the horns with Demandware LINK, a set of pre-integrated modules from participating third-parties that serve to eliminate the cluster frustration I describe above. What's more, they're charging the third-parties for the integration, not their users. For more information, and cute little video, see my blog entry.



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